How Police, Sex Workers, and People Who Use Drugs Are Joining Forces to Prevent HIV

Creator: Keeping Alive Society's Hope (KASH)

Contact: Thomas Odhiambo,;

Description: This documentary elaborates how KASH as an organization is sensitizing law enforcers (police) on issues concerning sex workers rights. They discuss how police actions affect sex workers in Kisumu and Kenya as a whole. The role the police play in ensuring that the sex workers access justice is also well displayed in this video. The plot continues, Amina the main cast describes how the police and sex workers collaboration has improved sex workers access to justice and how police sex workers collaboration has brought about improvement in security. The important in the video is that the police and sex workers can work well and the police play a big role in combating HIV, and this is is done by ensuring health and justice for all.

Country: Kenya, Kyrgyzstan
Population: People with HIV/AIDS, Sex Workers
Issue: Access to Justice, Harm Reduction,
Length: 16 - 30 Minutes
Language (Spoken): English, Kyrgz, Russian
Language (Subtitles): English