Happy to have a family!


Creator: Keystone Human Services Moldova
Contact: Ludmila Malcoci, Lina Malcoci, Nicolae Ciocan Lmalcoci@keystonehumanservices.org; Limalcoci@keystonehumanservices.org; Nciocan@keystonehumanservices.org

Description: Sergiu lived in a residential institution as a very young child. He doesn't like to think about those times and the other boys that still remain. Sergiu now lives in foster service and has a real family - mother, father, brothers and sisters. He wishes for all the boys from the institution to live in a family, along with their parents.

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Country: Moldova
Population: People with Intellectual or Physical Disabilities
Issue: Deinstitutionalization
Length: 5 - 15 Minutes
Language (Spoken): Romanian
Language (Subtitles): English