Life outside the institution

Creator: Citizen Association SOLEM- Skopje
Issue: deinstitutionalization, community inclusion, independent living
Contact: Iskra Roso, Natasha Dimitrovska;;

Description: This video is about a woman that was born and has spent her entire life in an institution. With the deinstitutionalization process in the Republic of Macedonia she got the opportunity to leave the institution and start living in the Housing Services in Skopje. She began to attend the programs of Citizen Association SOLEM - Skopje where she started learning new work and social skills and perfect the skills she already knew. Here she can express her opinions and wishes, make new friends, move about freely and truly be a part of the society.

Country: Macedonia
Population: People with Intellectual or Physical Disabilities
Issue: , Deriminalization,
Length: > 5 Minutes
Language (Spoken): Macedonian
Language (Subtitles): English